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Q.1. Which orders will be appealed by the Board?

Answer: An appeal can be made against the order passed by the Commissioner (Appeals) or the Appellate Authority. In addition to this an appeal can be made against the recommendation/order of the D.L.C./ S.L.S.C. and also against the order of the Commissioner and the Additional Commissioner.

Q.2. What is the time period for submission of appeal to the tax board?

Answer: Within 90 days from the date of receipt of the order for the dealer. Within 180 days from the receipt of the order for the department.

Q.3. In what form will the appeal be submitted?

Answer: Appeal Form ST-9 can be submitted in triplicate.

Q.4. What are the mandatory documents?

1. In Form ST-9 with grounds of appeal
2. Pre order or certified copy
3. Two copy-original orders (true copy)
4. Order of the Assessing Officer (true copy)
(Authority letter if filed through representative)

Q.5. How much court fee is payable for appeal?

Answer: Court fee of Rs.100/- is payable for appeal and court fee of Rs.2/- for other applications and Rs.8/- for adjournment application.

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